You have the complexion of a whitecoat (reference to the Mountain of course)? The answer is simple: you need Mediterranean blue and sunbathing!


It's time to change and we have the perfect destination for that! In June, there is no better than the Côte d'Azur to make a "blue and sun break" and fill your desires for beaches before everyone else!

In June, succumb to your desire for azure blue! In June, enjoy good deals on the wallet side.


Saint Raphaël Agay plage de la Méditerranée



The Côte d'Azur, destination easily and quickly accessible:

Wherever you live in France, which is easy with the Côte d'Azur, is that you do not have to drive on a tiring 10-hour drive: a flip and hop, you're there thanks to Nice Côte d'Azur Airport that receives domestic and international flights every hour.

If you come to the French Riviera for an extended weekend, you can easily get around by bus from the airport, then by bus and train if you want to test several beach atmospheres.

On the other hand, if you are there for a week and want to discover the region, the bus and the train will quickly show their limits. we advise you to rent a car directly at the airport so you can (why not) discover the perched villages of the hinterland and the wildest beaches of the Var.

The Adrets Agency and its team will offer the best housing solutions, from the small 2-person studio to the 12-person villa. Our team is at your service by phone, email or chat to offer you the ideal accommodation in relation to your budget.

To make the most of the Mediterranean blue of the sea and the total happiness provided by a sunbath, we recommend the residence Agay Plage because it is located by the sea. You will see, it is a pleasant to:

· Free parking are vehicle (when you have one for your stay) and at the foot of the residence

· Cross the road to go to the beach

· Come on foot to the La Bastide shopping center for shopping or going to the restaurant

· Enjoy the two pools with children or family

· And following the apartment, countempler the beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

Price side, rest assured, our team will offer the best value for money!

The practical details have been seen, let's now turn to serious things: your desires for Mediterranean blue and beach! And the beaches is not what is missing on the Côte d'Azur: pebble beaches, sandy beaches or wild coves, public beaches or private beaches, do not hesitate to test several, just to make jealous office or to make envy your neighbors!


♥ The pebble beaches

We like or do not like but the 2 main advantages of the pebble beaches is that you do not have sand everywhere in your business on your way home, and then they are less crowded. For this, you must go to Dramont, Plage du Débarquement. Incidentally, remember the war episodes of the Côte d'Azur during the Second World War, does no harm.You have a very large car park where you can park if you come by car.


Plage du Dramont à Saint Raphael


♥ The sandy beaches

If you like big sandy beaches, head for the public beach of Agay. If you stay at Agay Plage, it is only a stone's throw from the residence. And we go on foot! It's good for the form.


Agay la plage sur la cote azur



♥ Coves and wild beaches

All around Agay, there are small coves that are confidential. Some are easy to reach and can be reached on foot carrying a picnic. Some are difficult to access or inaccessible by seeing ground, so they can be approached by kayak or paddle. For owners of the boat license, you can rent one from our partner and he will tell you the best spots! The Esterel regoge gems, you just have to know how to discover them: a real treasure hunt


Les petites criques de l'Estérel à Saint Raphael Agay


♥ Private beaches

These beaches, as their name suggests, have a price! But if you have a huge desire for relaxing day without moving a finger, a need for tranquility and comfortable lounger, you have an excellent excuse to offer you an afternoon on a private beach: it's not every day holidays ! These beaches are not far from your favorite home!


So, want to laze before the summer! Contact us to receive a proposal or book online on our website with secure payment. Now hurry because in July and August, it will be too late to enjoy the best holiday rental offers at the best prices.

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