Terms & conditions lease

All apartments are leased to private owners. The rent on behalf of the owners is entrusted to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets acting as agent responsible for payment.






For all bookings that are made outside the website www.agencedesadrets.com, Real Estate Agency des Adrets apply to the price, between 15 euros and 50 euros rental fees.

All booking implies acceptance of the total settlement of the rental amount, pursuant to the cancellation policy.

Real Estate Agency des Adrets send you an option contract that specifies the price of the stay, the different services reserved and the date limit option.

Check that the description of the reserved services corresponding to your request and confirm your booking Real Estate Agency des Adrets before the deadline option, returning a copy of the signed contract with a deposit of 30% of total stay . The payment of this amount constitutes acceptance of terms of lease. For your information, descriptions and photos are not contractual. In the absence of payment of the deposit before the option expires, the option will be canceled.

The balance is due 30 days before arrival. No late payment will not be tolerated under penalty of cancellation of the record and not refund the deposit. In case of late booking (less than 30 days before arrival), you must return your signed contract with full payment. In case of last minute bookings (less than 7 days before the date of your stay), only a credit card payment will be accepted.

Additional nights to those specified in the contract are billed in addition to pro-rate.

You must present your rental contract to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets the day of your arrival. The day of your arrival, a security deposit (between 100 € to 200 € per rental bed) will you be asked before handing over the keys and the tourist tax according to the french regulations. Otherwise, the Real Estate Agency des Adrets will not give you the accomodation. The deposit will be refunded by the Real Estate Agency des Adrets later than one month after your departure (in the case of a deposit by check) and after settlement of ancillary services on site and deduction of withholding allowances for any damage caused.

By this Agreement, it is agreed that the tenant authorizes the appropriate agency to incur costs, in its name and on its behalf, which expenses will be charged to the nearest EUR (ski passes, parking, ...) .






1 - Modification by the customer

Requests for changes of confirmed cases must be made ​​in writing. Only are deemed accepted changes notified by the dismissal of a contract from the Real Estate Agency des Adrets (no corrections directly by the customer on a document Real Estate Agency des Adrets will be taken into account). The changes are not, in any circumstance conditions the balance. Any change of dates of stay and accommodation requested by the client is a cancellation of the initial order (with application fee provided for this purpose) and recording of the new order. The recording of the new command will be under conditions in individual sales subject to availability. Any modification of one of the benefits of the file will be charged 15 €.


2 - Cancellation by the customer

Any total cancellation of a confirmed case must be notified to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets by a letter with a delivery mail service or a fax which determin the date of cancellation.

The deposit already paid will be worth some compensation paid to the Agency Adrets, it being understood and agreed that unless the apartment could be relet for the period concerned, the customer will remain liable to pay the balance of the rent under its contractual obligation of this property has been finally concluded. If the property would actually re-rented, the corresponding sums on marketing efforts to find new customers will be deducted. In all cases, fees (starting at 15 euros) will be collected by the Real Estate Agency of Adrets.

If the customer has taken out cancellation insurance with the Real Estate Agency des Adrets and if the cancellation falls guarantees covered by the insurance company, the customer will be entitled to a refund of monies paid. In any case, the refund will be made ​​by the Real Estate Agency des Adrets. In all cases, the fees and cancellation insurance will be retained by the Real Estate Agency des Adrets.


3 - Curtailment

In case of interruption of the stay by the client, no refund will be made ​​by the Real Estate Agency des Adrets.






Real Estate Agency des Adrets attracts the customer's attention to the existence of an optional insurance. Insurance Council : Gritchen Assurances – 27 Rue Charles Durand 18021 Bourges Cedex – France, covering cancellation of the reservation. You can visit our cancellation insurance conditions to have more details on this service (http://www.agencedesadrets.com/en/cancellation-insurance.html).

The cost of this insurance is specified on the option contract (3.5% of the total price) and on the online booking system.

This insurance can be purchased at the creation of the file and only covers the services ordered by the customer on that date. Once subscribed, cancellation insurance can not be deleted.

As part of a subscription to the reservation, the Real Estate Agency des Adrets connects directly with the renter's insurance provider for the signing of an insurance contract.

> Responsibility: Real Estate Agency des Adrets can not be held liable for force majeure or because of anyone outside the organization, conduct of stay or the accommodation and services provided on this occasion.

The customer must insure against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage. The insurer of the tenant may not exercise any remedies against the owner or his authorized representative in case of disaster.

> Claim: Any claim for a stay must be submitted to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than 8 days after the end of the accommodation.

The waiver of a client to one or more services included in the package can not be any refund or against part by the Real Estate Agency des Adrets. In case of dispute, only the High Court has jurisdiction in Albertville (73200) France.






Prices include heating, electricity, hot and cold water, gas and agency fees included.

Does not include the provision of sheets and linens, telephone charges, cleaning of the apartment on departure day and the deposit.

It is expressly forbidden to use the beds without sheets or pillowcases. The sheets can be rented for a period ranging from 1 night to 15 nights (price between 10 and 18 € depending on the bedding).

A pillow and blanket are provided for each rental bed.

In case of bunk beds, it is recalled that the sleeper is not suitable for children under six years.






It is requested payment upon arrival, a deposit returned no later than one month after your departure. The amount of the deposit is between 100 euros and 200 euros per rental bed, depending the standart of the property.

If the departure cleaning was not done by the tenant will be charged at a fixed price and deducted from the deposit and the cost of replacing any missing or damaged.

If these costs exceed the amount of the deposit, the tenant agrees to pay the balance.

The tenant must refrain from blocking the external vents, vents VMC and throw in sinks, baths, bidets, sinks ... objects to obstruct the pipes otherwise it will be liable for costs incurred for the return to service of these amenities






Val Thorens : the reception is to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets, Residence La Vanoise Rue Piétonne de Caron - 73440 Val Thorens.

Les Menuires : the reception is to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets, Station Services - Quartier de Preyerand - 73440 Les Menuires.

Saint Martin de Belleville : the reception is to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets, represented by Serge and Jocelyne Rey - Au coin des Producteurs, Residence Le Biolley - 73440 Saint Martin de Belleville.
Agay : the reception is to the Real Estate Agency des Adrets, Centre Commercial de La Bastide, Agay Plage, 1099 Boulevard de la Plage, 83530 Agay.


1 - Arrival

Key collection is on Saturday from 17:00 until 19:30. In case of late arrival, arrange directly with the Agency. If the tenant does not happen on Sunday morning at 09:00 at the latest (unless otherwise agreed with the Agency), the Agency will be able to re-let the apartment. All monies collected for the booking will be acquired automatically and the balance of the rent will be required by the renter.


2 - Departure

Departure is at 09:00 am at the latest on Saturday.


3 - Loss of key

If the key to the apartment or ski locker is lost or stolen, the reproduction of the key will be charged (between 30 and 300 € depending on model).

If the safety of places we have to change the barrel of the apartment door and ski locker, the benefit amount will be charged (between 30 and 300 € depending on the type of keys).

Prices available on request.






Due to the large number of arrivals and departures at the same time, it is difficult for the Real Estate Agency des Adrets to do a report on the state of the property with the tenant. But this state was made ​​prior to arrival and will be done before taking possession of the next tenant. In the absence of inventory, Article 1731 of the Civil Code provides that the tenant is presumed to have received the property in good rental repairs, and shall make such shows otherwise. The tenant is supposed to take and make housing in perfect condition.

All complaints about the leased premises or inventory must be presented in a time of two (2) days of the keys delivery to the office of the Agency.

The tenant has the opportunity to perform in his presence, an inventory of contradictory output during the hours of the Agency before the deadline for delivery of keys.To do this, he must notify the Agency 48 hours before the date of departure, to commit to the time of that visit him fix the Agency during the last day, return the keys at the end of the inventory and pay the sum of 25 euros in fees.






The tenant will enjoy the premises and furniture "good father", he must respect the rules of the building. Otherwise, the tenant will be evicted from his apartment. All payments for the rental and the deposit will be retained as compensation.

The apartments may be occupied only by the number of person specified in the contract and corresponding to the equipment they are provided.

The tenant may not under any circumstances introduce any animal in the rented premises without special permission from the owner or his representative. A lump sum of 25 euros will be paid to the Agency.

Some apartments are equipped with internet connection through wifi: the tenant and the occupants of the apartments undertake on their own behalf, not to disclose the password to any person or persons who do not stay with them.

The Real Estate Agency des Adrets reserves the right to visit or to visit the apartment during the rental period.






Some apartments are equipped with wifi.

All elements (user name, password ...) allowing the user to identify the wireless network is strictly personal and confidential.

The user agrees to keep the secret credentials and not to disclose in any form whatsoever.

Any access to the network using the user credentials is done under the full responsibility thereof.

It is up to the user to verify that it has the hardware, software, browsers, allowing him to use the service.

When the user connects to the wireless network, it undertakes not to use the resources at its disposal:

- Load, store, publish, disseminate or use materials, information, images, videos, programs, software etc ... violent, pornographic or indecent, or likely to undermine respect for the human person and his dignity as well as the protection of minors,

- Defamatory and generally illegal,

- Protected by the laws on intellectual property, except to have the necessary permissions,

- Harass, threaten or insult and generally violate the rights in force

- Knowingly transmit any files containing viruses or corrupted data

Some of the activities listed above may constitute criminal offenses.

The user shall take all necessary measures to protect its own data and / or software including contamination by viruses circulating on the network or the intrusion of a third party into his terminal.

The user is solely responsible for any direct or indirect, material or immaterial, caused to third parties arising from the use of the wireless network.

In case of non-compliance with commitments and responsibilities edited above, the Real Estate Agency des Adrets proceed to the immediate suspension of access rights of the user.

Real Estate Agency des Adrets agrees not to transmit the data collected as part of the registration WiFi network, not to disclose information connections (internet pages, date and time of connection and disconnection) collected during the use the wireless network user and respect the private correspondence sent or received by the user on its network and / or on the Internet. It may be an exception to this rule of confidentiality to the extent permitted by law, at the request of public authorities and / or legal.

Real Estate Agency des Adrets can not be held responsible for:

- In case of misuse of the Service by the User,

- In case of improper installation and / or misconfiguration and / or malfunction of the laptop or PDA User and / or wireless LAN card (IEEE 802.11b)

- In case of non compliance by the User of its obligations,

- In case of inability to access Internet VPN corporate network (VPN)

- In case of disturbances or interruptions of the network or WI-FI

- Disruption Event and / or total or partial unavailability and / or discontinuance of all or part of the services offered on the networks operated by third party operators,

- In case of force majeure as defined in the case law of the Court of Cassation.

- On the occasion of this, the Agency Adrets remains outside all disputes which may arise between the user of our services to third parties.

- On the occasion of this, the Agency Adrets offers free access to Wi-Fi network and can in no way be held responsible for any disturbance see not access it.

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