We rent apartments and villas in Agay. But do you know Agay?
It is a jewel of the Côte d'Azur!
"Agay is a paradise where even dust is scented. " - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
It is a small seaside resort, at the bottom of a harbor, nestled at the foot of the Rastel d'Agay (287 m). Surrounded by mountains with red rocks of the Esterel, Agay is discovered between Saint-Raphaël (9 km west) and Cannes (35 km east).
Agay borders the entire coastline of this harbor and is leaning against the hills that make the Rastel foothills.
Agay, located in one of the most beautiful roads of the coast between Cap Dramont and the tip of the Baumette, is the natural gateway to the Esterel. It offers three sandy beaches and a terrace area with access to the sea by the rocks. Very sheltered, it was appreciated by browsers (Agay means "favorable" in Greek). With the arrival of the railway in 1860, many artists call at Agay: the painter Louis Valtat, the composer Vincent d'Indy, the writers Guy de Maupassant and Maurice Donnay and Saint-Exupéry (do not miss it the Fountain for the Little Prince, erected in his homage). Albert Cohen located there part of the action of Belle of the Lord.
Here is a small presentation of the bay of Agay with the history of the castle of Agay:


Baie d'Agay - Saint Raphaël Côte d'Azur



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