CancelLATION Insurance



Agency Adrets attracts the customer's attention to the existence of optional insurance (Insurance Council Gritchen Affinity  27 rue Charles Durand - CS70139 - 18021 Bourges Cedex) covering cancellation of the reservation resulting from one of the reasons below.

The cost of this insurance is specified on the option contract (3.9% of the file).

This insurance can only be purchased at the constitution of the file and only covers the services ordered by the customer at that time. Once purchased, cancellation insurance can not be deleted.

Definition: Insured is reserving the room, his spouse or partner, ascendants or descendants, sons in law, daughters in law, brothers, sisters or people mentioned or designated.


Warranty Policy: TOTAL repayment holiday price less the insurance premium, including additional services billed. The cancellation insurance coverage works as a result of the following events:


1 - serious illness, serious injury or death of the Insured

For serious illness or injury is any change in health or bodily injury to the Insured prohibiting leaving the home or the hospital where the insured is in process on the date of departure and proved by a certificate of judgment work or a medical certificate specifying the aforesaid prohibition or preventing the practice of the activity, the main purpose of the stay. Relapse or previous illnesses or accidents are covered provided that the illness or accident has been no demonstration in the previous MONTH booking date.

Regarding claims Sickness / Accident involving the Cancellation coverage, the Insured shall give access to his medical records to the doctor - Controller of the Company; Otherwise, no guarantee will be granted.


2 - Disaster in the insured's home

Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or natural event causing significant damage to the home of the Insured occurring before departure or during the stay and requiring his presence at the scene of the accident or at his second residence or company owned.


3 - Working Life

Unable to take possession of the leased as a result of the dismissal or transfer of the Insured, provided that the date of the event generator is after the reservation date.

Exclusion: dismissal for serious misconduct.


4 - Transport

Unable to get to the resort by road, rail, air, day of arrival and within 48 hours: a result of roadblocks, strikes, floods or natural event, preventing traffic, confirmed by competent authority; traffic accident of the Insured, theft or attempted theft of the insured vehicle in the month preceding the date of entry of the stay.


5 - Leave

As a result of change of holiday dates of the employer of the Insured provided that notification occurs within the month before the start date of stay.


6 - Pollution or epidemics, natural disasters

Ban on site due to pollution or epidemic, natural disaster or state forest fire prohibiting the site or the leased premises.


7 - Convocations

Administrative summons, medical call, getting a job of reserving or spouse (or partner).


8 - Death or accident

Death or serious injury or the person responsible for replacing the insured or spouse (or partner) or custody of minor children disease.


9 - Cancellation by the owner

Cancellation by the owner due to death, illness or serious accident of the owner, transfer of property as a result of transfer or sale, preventing damage to the premises the use of the leased premises resulting from fire, explosion, water damage, theft, vandalism , storm, natural disaster. ...


10 - In default of snow or excessive snow

This guarantee can be considered only after a complete lack of snow bulletin issued by an approved body on the station itself if it is a member, or if it is not, the nearest station as the crow flies.

It is determined that there is a lack of snow in the winter sport resort of the place of residence, if within 48 hours before or after the date for commencement of the lease, plus 2/3 tracks and ski lifts in the resort are closed from Bulletin enneigment supra. This guarantee can only be applied between the official opening of the resort and ski area dates.


Interruption of stay or deferred entry, reimbursement of the total price will be calculated on a time proportion basis of the unused period due to the interruption as a result of any of the events listed in the warranty cancellation - 1 , 2, 3, 4, 5.6.


Specific Exclusions Policy: It is agreed that the coverage shall not be effective in the circumstances described below: Illness or accident that the Insured is aware when booking, resulting in treatment during the month preceding the date of booking location. Pregnancy except any complications due to this condition, miscarriage, childbirth and later in the month preceding the effective date of booking. For thermal treatment, need for aesthetic treatment (except by accident or disease), psychiatric or psychotherapeutic treatment, including depression. Illness or accident due to alcoholism, drunkenness, drug use, drugs, drugs not medically prescribed. Accident caused by the practice of sport: flying, bobsleigh, skeleton, rock climbing, ice hockey, motor sports, scuba - diving.


Rescue costs

The insurer guaranteeing the costs of search and rescue carried out by an authorized agency for the relief of the insured, his spouse or partner, ascendants or descendants or persons designated in the rental agreement up to 2287 EUR minus a deductible of 77 euros.


Communication of Contract: Insurer not being engaged by the full text of the contract, it is available at the Subscriber that will provide for consultation.



> Responsibility: Agency Adrets can not be held responsible for force majeure or due to anyone outside the organization, to the conduct of the residence or the accommodation and services provided on this occasion.

The customer must ensure against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage. The insurer of the tenant may not exercise any remedies against the owner or his authorized representative in case of disaster.

> Claim: Any claim for a stay should be addressed to the Agency Adrets by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt no later than eight days after the end of the accommodation.

The waiver of a client to one or more services included in the package can not be any refund or against part by the Agency Adrets. In case of dispute, only the High Court has jurisdiction Albertville (73200).

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